New Regional Director


I am very pleased to bring to the attention of the IPSC Belgium Community that today the BPSA Board Members unanimously appointed me as Regional Director for our IPSC Region.

 First of all, I would like to thank our outgoing Regional Director, Mr. Charles de Rongé for his dedication in the last 10 years during which he developed and managed IPSC in our country as well as for his assistance during the 5 years I served as BPSA Development Officer.

With the support of the BPSA Board Members and in close cooperation with the BPSA Club Delegates, I am committed to develop our sport in a harmonious and transparent way with respect of the fundamental values of IPSC.

Standing together as one and with this determination in mind, I’m sure, we can successfully grow to a larger, more efficient and more resilient organization thus enabling us to overcome any obstacles on our path.

 Best regards,
 Gérard Albert